Ron Bours has been teaching the topic of safety culture and the influence of resilience engineering at the HVK training in the Netherlands (Copla) and Belgium (Training prevention consultant 1 University of Antwerp) for many years.

Bours Consulting b.v. provides workshops for upper, middle and lower management.
● Safety Leadership for top and middle management
● Safety Masterclasses for safety specialists
● Safety days and team activities for employees

Recently developed specific webinar training courses:
● Safety culture measurement and reporting
● Resilience in safety (Safety 1* and Safety 2** theory)
● Work analysis using the FRAM method (Work as imagined – work as done)
● Dual system in the brains and explanation of the plant view method
● “Drift to Danger”. Keep the safety at a high level

All workshops and training courses are custom made for the participants, whereby the topics are coordinated with the client. Oftentimes a “train the trainer” principle will be applied.

*Safety 1 Features

• Learning from previously made mistakes
• Removal of underlying causes after an accident
• Measure how often things go wrong (incidents)
• Multiple imposed safety management systems
• Pay close attention to formal rules, routines and safety procedures,
• Improve human behavior in pursuit of zero accidents
• Using multiple risk studies per activity
• The presence of a large amount of safety administration

**Safety 2 Features

• Focus on learning why things often go well and strengthening this working method
• Give employees a central role in improving their work
• Human behavior is the reason for success
• The craftsmanship of employees plays a central role
• Conduct work analysis instead of analyzing each incident
• Have less confidence in the effect of safety administration