In recent years, Bours Consulting BV has advised and trained many global companies in setting up, adjusting and training safety management systems based on the latest scientific insights.

We optimize existing procedures and methods in the field of accident investigation, risk studies and leadership.
In addition, we use our own internally developed methods (plant-view method) and/or the newest internationally recognized methods (FRAM) to improve the management system.

Examples of recent projects:

  • Global “team leader” safety program
  • New safety management system designed for an internationally operating production company.
  • New LMRA method developed for chemical plant (replace checklist method).
  • FRAM analysis method training for accident investigation and risk assessments of procedures within hospitals.
  • Introduction of the “Bours Consulting Plant-view system” within a chemical company. This method improves work consultation, work permit system and scenario training.
  • Introduction of a safety training set up by operators within a chemical plant (video work analysis).
  • Updating of the incident reporting system within a chemical plant. (“high potential” near-accident reporting).
  • Replacement of the existing task risk analysis method (TRA/JSA) with a new pictograms method.

Every company has a unique set of safety procedures. Adjusting or updating these procedures will always be custom work and will be carried out in collaboration with the local management and safety department.