Ron Bours has been an associate of Keil Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland since the founding of Bours Consulting Ltd. This partnership provides him with a unique license to use the methods of the Keil Centre on the topics of safety culture and safety behaviour.

The most important methods are:

Safety Culture Maturity Model (SCMM):

SCMM is a validated method that takes a leading role in the measurement of an organisations safety culture. Ron Bours has determined the safety culture in over 50 organisations using the Keil Centre card-sort method.

Human Factor Analyse Tool (HFAT):

HFAT is an award winning incident analyses method that analyses intentional and unintentional behaviour. This method provides in depth understanding which human factors play a role in the lead up to an incident and can be used both prospectively and retrospectively.

Behavioral safety framework:

Both large and small industrial organisations feel the need to set and maintain safety behavior agreements for all employees. The resulting behavioral framework is used to:

  • set a clear safety standard which is a requisite for the making of gap analyses. These gap analyses are used to identify weaknesses in safety behavior of specific groups (managers, supervisors, etc.)
  • inform employees about safety behaviors at the start of their new job
  • evaluate safety behaviors of a team or employee
  • investigate behaviors related to incidents