In collaboration with experts from healthcare and industry, Bours Consulting b.v. provides tailor made advice on patient safety using the brand name SafeCare Group.

Hospitals have undergone a strong development in patient safety in recent years by paying attention to risk management and incident analyzes. These new systems have improved patient safety. However, employees in health care indicate that the great emphasis on compliance (Safety 1* methods) has a negative effect on the provision of good care.

SafeCare group helps hospitals find a new balance between compliance and recognition of craftsmanship and ownership.

The Safecare group works together with Medirisk in training healthcare workers in resilience theory (Safety 2** methods). The introduction of this philosophy with the accompanying FRAM method has already proved successful in many hospitals.

Within this context SafeCare Group bv organizes safety awareness sessions, ambition sessions, culture training and leadership training.

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*Safety 1 Features

• Learning from previously made mistakes
• Removal of underlying causes after an accident
• Measure how often things go wrong (incidents)
• Multiple imposed safety management systems
• Pay close attention to formal rules, routines and safety procedures,
• Improve human behavior in pursuit of zero accidents
• Using multiple risk studies per activity
• The presence of a large amount of safety administration

**Safety 2 Features

• Focus on learning why things often go well and strengthening this working method
• Give employees a central role in improving their work
• Human behavior is the reason for success
• The craftsmanship of employees plays a central role
• Conduct work analysis instead of analyzing each incident
• Lower confidence in the effect of safety administration