Bours Consulting Ltd. is a consultancy firm with broad expertise on the topic of industrial safety with a specific focus on management systems, safety culture and Resilience in safety.

Bours Consulting Ltd. supports organisations that strive to make a next step in safety by using ‘Best in Class’ methods. The employees and partners at Bours Consulting are all experienced senior consultants each with their own specialty; this allows Bours Consulting to provide optimal assistance to your organisation.

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Ron Bours

Ron Bours has been working as an independant consultant on the topic of safety since 2008, specializing in procedures-, culture -and behavior programs. His roots lie in chemical technology. The first 9 years of his career Ron worked as a chemical engineer after which he specialized in safety. In subsequent years Ron has acquired a master degree in safety (MOSHE TU Delft) after which he worked on a myriad of international safety projects for many different companies. Safety training for management, accident analyses and safety culture projects in industry and hospitals are among the many projects Ron has worked on.

Rob Bos has worked in laboratories most of his professional career where he has build expertise and knowledge on the use and risks of chemicals. Rob advises companies  how to safely store their chemicals in compliance with laws and regulations. With the help of his self developed chemical database, Rob provides companies with a comprehensive overview of the potential safety risks of their chemical assets.